Substitute Office - Talent Division

  • About Being a Substitute Employee with OUSD    

    OUSD is currently seeking and hiring Guest Teachers and all Classified Substitute positions for the 22-23 school year.  

    All candidate application, hiring and onboarding is conducted online.  

    Please read on to learn more about Substitute opportunities in OUSD! 

    And you can reach us with questions about becoming a sub at


    Applying to be a Substitute Employee  


    How do I apply to become a Substitute employee with OUSD?

    Click here to go to the OUSD Jobs portal

    Then search the word "substitute" and apply for positions you are interested in. 

    You can also find direct links to current vacancies in the Certificated and Classified substitute information sections below

  • About Guest (Substitute) Teaching  - Certificated Positions


    Statistics indicate that one full year of instruction in every student's K-12 education will be provided by a guest (substitute) teacher.  Guest teachers play a critical role in maintaining the continuity of instruction for students, and OUSD is always looking for qualified and interested candidates.

    Guest teaching is an excellent means of exploring the teaching field as a career, offering opportunities for hands-on experience with a variety of classrooms and student populations.  


    What are the qualifications to be a Guest Teacher?

    If you have already been fingerprinted for the Alameda County Consortium you don't need to be printed again to start subbing for OUSD!  


    Do I need a credential to Guest Teach?

    You need a 30-day Substitute Permit, which is the "sub credential".

    This is a certificate from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing that will allow you to teach in classrooms but limits you to no more than 30 days of service in any single classroom a year (and 20 days of service for Special Education classrooms).


    If you have questions, please reach out to

  • About Classified (non-Teaching) Sub Positions  



    One half of the positions in OUSD are Non-Teaching positions and OUSD needs subs for many of these daily to keep our students' education on track!

    Classified staff keep our buildings and facilities clean and in repair, prepare and serve thousands of meals daily, directly support Special Needs students in the classroom, and perform a variety of essential clerical tasks such as School Attendance, School Front Desk support, and Administrative and Clerical support in schools and central office departments.


    What are the Qualifications for Classified Substitute positions? 

    Basic qualifications for Classified substitute hire are:

    • Recent Negative TB test
    • Pass background check (cost to you for fingerprinting will be approx. $52.00) 

    NOTE: If you have already been fingerprinted for the Alameda County Consortium you don't need to be printed again to start subbing for OUSD!

    • High school diploma

    (For some assignments there may be additional special skills or certifications required, such as Food Safety, First Aid and/or CPR certification, or demonstration of adequate clerical skills to fill some assignments)


    Each posting will list specific skills requirements. 


    If you have questions, please reach out to