• FAQs



    • Can a student be in more than one Pathway?

    No. However, If a student enters their Senior year in good standing, he or she may enroll in the first-level course of another pathway as an elective.


    • Will IEP students have different standards for Pathway placement?

    Yes. While IEP students follow the same selection protocol as non-IEP 9th Grade students, the pathway and special education teachers will work together to place students in the pathway that offers the greatest chances of student success. Teachers and the special education team also will identify necessary interventions that can help students close skills gaps that may exist.



    • Do students get to choose their pathway?

    Yes and no. Every effort is made to give students their preference in pathway. However, a student’s academic needs in core courses, progress to graduation, IEP plans, and the Master Schedule all impact a student’s placement in a pathway.


    • If I fail a pathway class, can I move on to the next course in the sequence?

    No. Pathway courses build off of each other. Students that fail one or more semesters of a pathway course must repeat the entire course before moving on to the next course.


    • What if I don't want to be an Engineer or a Graphic Designer?
    That's okay! The point of pathways is not to make all our students into Engineers or Graphic Designers, but rather to expose students to different careers and learn skills that will be relevant no matter what career they end up in. We also hope their pathway classes will help them understand the interconnectedness of all their school work (for example, there's math and physics in Engineering and English and computer science in Graphic Design!)