About Our Programs

  • Nature of the Program

    The foundational belief of our program is that our students are best served when provided access to typical peers and activities in community-based settings. We strive to be a community based transition program that prepares students with significant disabilities for adults living in an inclusive community setting. As a community based program, teaching happens in a classroom without walls for most, if not all of the time. As a transition program, we work to support students as they learn the necessary skills needed to pursue their chosen future.

    Orientation of the Program

    The Young Adult Program subscribes to the belief that students are first and foremost persons, and that their disability does not define them. Our program is driven by a students’ needs, dreams and choices. We adhere to a strength-based model, where we recognize students for their talents, gifts, preferences, and interests. We ask the question "what CAN our young adults do?" Recognizing that young adults have needs that are critical to their future, forces teachers and staff to prioritize each students’ curriculum with a highly individualized approach. Using outcome-based goals, students, staff, and families work together to define each students future plans, dreams and desired lifestyle.

  • Goals and objectives for the Young Adult Program include:

    • Support students in pursuing their plans for the future.

    • Assist students in defining a meaningful lifestyle for themselves.

    • Develop each young adults' competencies toward enhancing their future plan.

    • Build on the young adults strengths, gifts, and talents so they can have valued roles in the community.

    • Enhance the young adults’ community presence and participation by supporting the growth of personal relationships through regular encounters with community members without disabilities in typical settings.

    • Increase choice making opportunities for young adults by embedding these activities in their daily routines.

  • Admission Criteria

    • Must be 18 years old.

    • Must have significant or severe disability.

    • Must have received certificate of completion from high school.

    • Must be a resident of Oakland, CA.

Students in the community