The College Football Playoff Foundation recently announced a $50,000 grant through the company, School Specialty, to do a full makeover. Todd Davis, library tech, applied for the grant. In his application, he wrote, “Although the Manzanita Library has an older look to it, I work hard to make it an inviting place for all. I am known for my huge handmade spider web that covers the entire Library, as well as my festive holiday lights. My dream media center would have free flowing bookshelves that curve and flow nicely throughout the library. These would be easy to move for events, or just for a fresh look. I also see various areas of comfort reading with sectional sofas and chairs in one area and oversized cushions and beanbags for the younger kids’ area.” Congratulations Todd on the winning application! Todd Davis predicted that his library would be chosen for a simple reason. “We are an underserved community that will benefit tremendously from this project. This will show our students that they matter in a world that forgets them too often.”

    Oakland Unified School District thanks the College Football Playoff FoundationLanded and School Specialty for their generous support of our students and teachers.
    Manzanita Before
    The overhaul of the library will happen in the coming months. With Davis and other school leaders guiding the process and designing the space, it will be transformed into a vibrant STEM Media Center to better assist students in excelling in science, technology, engineering and math. “Having that innovative environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn is so helpful. We’ve learned that along the way. So. it’s our pleasure to help create this new educational space,” said CFPF’s Britton Banowsky.

    manzanita Tearout
    We are on our way with the tear out of bookshelves that were too small and deep and stained carpeting.