Cohort 2 - North Oakland

  • Cohort 2 - North Oakland Updates


    At the Board of Education meeting on Aug. 28, Superintendent Johnson-Trammell will recommend that the Board adopt Scenario 2 under which Kaiser and Sankofa merge onto the Sankofa campus. 


    The primary advantages of this scenario are:


    Opportunities to improve quality

    • Merge two small schools, building on strengths and assets of both.
    • Support a design year to build a quality school vision, academic program, and school culture.
    • Experienced leaders in place to guide the design year.
    • Consistent location for Sankofa, the community more historically underserved.
    • Community assets in place at Sankofa such as community partnerships, local parks, and volunteers.


    Opportunities to improve sustainability

    • Vacate Kaiser campus.
    • Reducing the number of schools from two to one.
    • Sankofa campus has capacity for 336 including Sankofa’s 3 SDC classes.


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