Cohort 2 - North Oakland

  • At Oakland Unified School District, under the Blueprint for Quality Schools, we are making bold moves to create high quality and sustainable schools in every neighborhood so all of our students are prepared for college and career. We know that change can be difficult, however we have the opportunity to create a district which can meet the needs of all students. 


    For Cohort 2, there are schools in north Oakland and schools in east Oakland which may undergo some type of change.


    North Oakland

    Background on North Oakland Challenges and Strengths:  In North Oakland we are faced with a few challenges, but also have a strong foundation on which to build:

    • Not all students are receiving the quality education they need and some student groups are particularly underserved. 
    • Sankofa is in good-sized facility, but struggles to fill its classrooms.
    • Kaiser is a quality school in a small facility with few neighborhood students.  
    • Peralta is a high-demand school on a fairly small campus.
    • Santa Fe, a large facility, will become vacant at the end of the 2019-20 school year.


    Three Scenarios for North Oakland School Changes:  Each scenario improves quality and sustainability in North Oakland and comes with different issues to address.  We know that no scenario is perfect. Your voice matters and we appreciate your input.

    1. In the first scenario, Kaiser and Sankofa merge on the Sankofa Campus.  This scenario increases the number of students with access to Kaiser’s high demand quality program and builds on Sankofa’s strengths. It reduces the number of district schools by one while keeping the Santa Fe campus vacant.
    2. In the second scenario, Kaiser and Sankofa merge onto the Santa Fe campus.  Like scenario one, scenario two expands Kaiser and builds on Sankofa’s strengths, and also relocates both programs to Santa Fe’s larger campus. Under this scenario, OUSD vacates two campuses Kaiser and Sankofa.
    3. In scenario three, Kaiser moves to the Santa Fe campus in fall 2020 and then Peralta and Sankofa would merge in fall 2021, occupying two buildings (Peralta and Sankofa) as an upper campus and a lower campus. Scenario three expands access to Kaiser’s high-demand program while meeting a growing demand for a community school in the Santa Fe neighborhood. It expands access to Peralta’s program and maintains Sankofa’s strengths. It reduces the number of district schools by one.


    Provide Feedback:  We want your feedback on three school change scenarios that help meet these challenges. The District intends to present a final recommendation on school changes to the Board of Education by August 28th. 

    • Take the survey: Click here for an online survey about the three scenarios. This just one way we are collecting community feedback.
    • Review the Power Point Presentation: Click here to review the PPT with the scenarios.  
    • Read more:   Click here for additional background on the three scenarios including important data in the appendix.
    • Additional Background:  For additional background information on the overall process click here for a presentation to the Board of Education.

Cohort 2 - N. Oakland Schools