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    At Oakland Unified School District we strive to ensure fair and equitable compensation for every role in the District. We have staff in the Talent Division whom handle responsibilities related to compensation and classification, including but not limited to: conducting position reviews; analyzing and improving job evaluation forms and process, and completing reports related to job descriptions. If you have questions about your specific salary placement please contact your Staffing Analyst. If you do not know the name of your site's Employee Support Specialist or if you have any questions about your assigned duties please speak with your immediate supervisor. 

    Current Job Descriptions

    Active job descriptions are posted on this page in alphabetical order. Please return to this page in the future as more documents will be posted on an ongoing basis. Current Salary Schedules and labor contracts are currently found on the District's Office of Labor Management and Employee Relations web page.

    Creating or Revising Current Job Descriptions 

    Occasionally, there is a need to create or modify a job description. First, the department should inquire to their Employee Support Specialist about their staffing needs. If it is determined there is no existing job description then the Hiring Manager should follow the workflow described in the handout entitled, "Job Description Creation and Revision Process". On average the process can take up to 50 business days so proper pre-planning is essential to ensuring your staffing needs will be met in a timely manner. Below is a diagram of creating or revising a current job description. The forms referenced in the process are found below.


    Diagram: Job Description Approval Process

    Job Description flowchart


    Informational Items


    For job descriptions not listed on this page or any questions related to the content provided please contact:
    Martin E. Mitchell
    Director, Human Resources Operations
    Phone: (510) 879-8841
    Fax: (510) 879-0228
    Office Location: Talent Division, 1000 Broadway, Ste. 150, Oakland, CA 94607

    Page updated: September 19, 2019

Job Descriptions