2019-20 Fiscal Transparency Dashboard

  • The 2019-20 Fiscal Transparency Dashboard displays budget and fiscal data about OUSD for last fiscal year (the 2018-19 fiscal year). It does not represent all actual expenditures for the year. The data is current as of 6/10/2019 (see notes below for more detail).


    In addition to a glossary with key terms used through out the dashboard, there are four tabs that allow you to explore both revenues and expenses in a variety of ways:

    • Revenues - Explore districtwide revenues at a high level across Fund, Resource, and Object.
    • Expenditures, Overview - Explore districtwide expenses at a high level across Fund, Site Groups, Resource, Object, and Function.
    • Expenditure, Code Deep Dive - Take a deeper dive into Site, Resource, Object, and Function codes. You can view expenses districtwide or at specific sites.
    • Expenditures, Build Your Own - Chose whether to view districtwide/specific sites as well as to explore across different types of codes (e.g., object and resource).


                                                                                                 Budget Dashboard


    Notes about the Data:


    All the data on this dash board is coming from OUSD's financial system (Escape), where we keep ongoing track of money coming in and out. The data represents what has been fully entered and accounted for by the day the data was pulled. There is a processing delay, so the data will not represent every transaction that has taken place or is planned for up to that day.


    This dashboard is by definition a working draft of our budget and how we have spent money. At the end of the fiscal year, OUSD staff work to "close the books" which  means checking that all revenues and expenditures have been accounted for and correctly tagged. Only at the end of that process can we say definitively what money we  received and how we spent it. However, we make this working draft dashboard available to the public to increase fiscal transparency and encourage conversations about our budget and spending choices.

    • Data is current as of 12/12/2019 and will be refreshed periodically.
    • For historic data on OUSD finances, please see: http://www.ed-data.org/district/Alameda/Oakland-Unified 
    • For any comments or questions about this dashboard, please contact Jeanette Wickelgren at jeanette.wickelgren@ousd.org