• Enrichment Opportunities at TCN!


    At TCN, we recognize that academics alone don’t make college a reality - we need to ensure that students have access to a wide range of opportunities to develop and nurture their interests. 

    We’re proud to offer...

    Extracurricular Activites: 
    • All students have access to our outdoor garden -- once a week, each class learns lessons in eating, planting, and caring for fruits and vegetables in our school garden.
    JV and Varsity Basketball Teams
    • Our 4th and 5th grade students have the opportunity to join the TCN Basketball JV and Varsity teams! Come support our students in their weekly games on Tuesdays at the TCN Gym from 4:00-5:00pm.
    Chess Club
    • Brought to TCN students by Chess master and kindergarten teacher, Mr. Taylor! Students have the opportunity to grow their brains in a creative way -- through the game of chess.
    Rock Climbing
    • 3rd grade teacher, Ms. W., runs an after-school rock climbing club for students.
                                      Gardening project        Chess Club with Mr. Taylor!          
    Student Leadership:
    Student Council
    • In the spirit of democracy, TCN students campaign for office. All students vote on our school secretary, treasurer, vice president, and school president. Additionally, each classroom elects a classroom representative, required to attend monthly student council meetings and to report their learnings back to their classroom communities.

    TCN & ICS Safety Patrol

    • Each morning our school sites come together to support the drop-off zone, directing traffic, and safely getting our students to school! (See image below)

    Junior Coaches

    • The Junior Coach program is a youth leadership program for 4th-5th graders to support recess and make a positive impact at our school. It is an exciting opportunity for self-esteem building, responsibility teaching and leadership training.
    Safety Patrol                      StuCo