•  ousd OUSD BENEFITS FAQ for Potential Retirees


    Congratulations on your decision to retire from OUSD!


    So what’s next?


    There are lots of positive things to look forward to such as traveling, developing hobbies, reconnecting with old friends and volunteering. Whatever you do, you must remain healthy. That is why maintaining health benefits is crucial. Whether you stay with OUSD or enroll onto an outside plan, health should be your number one focus during your retirement. Below you will find some important information that will assist you in your transition from Employee to Retiree.


    One of the most important things to remember: You DO NOT have to apply for Medicare when you turn 65 if you are still actively working. You are exempt until you separate and/or retire. Please meet with your Benefits Rep to discuss this further as lifetime penalties can be imposed. 



    As soon as you know when you know you are ready to retire:


    • Contact CalSTRS or CalPERS to discuss your retirement date and confirm your retirement benefits with them (this is not health benefits)


    CalSTRS 800-228-5453 www.calstrs.com

    CalPERS 888-225-7377 www.calpers.ca.gov


    • Contact your Supervisor and let them know of your impending date
    • Contact your Staffing Analyst and submit your separation paperwork to Talent Division. 510-879-0202




    Contact Social Security 3 months prior to your retirement/separation date once you have confirmed your retirement date. The requested Medicare effective date should be the first of the month following your last day of active coverage. Currently, if you work the full school year and you are either retiring or laid off, your benefits remain active until Date TBD


    For example: If you are retiring June 2019, your benefits will remain active until Date TBD (of the same year). So, when applying for Medicare, your requested effective date should be the first day after your loss of active coverage.

    Please see a Benefit Rep for more information on effective dates.


    • Contact your assigned Benefits Rep to set up a meeting to discuss retiree health benefits – There are time sensitive matters that need to be reviewed


    • Contact Payroll to discuss any issues related to your last check, vacation and/or sick leave payout, etc. 510-879-8206



    For those Employees with an OUSD District Annuity:


    Classified Employees contact BeneSys Administrators 877-494-0522 | 925-398-7045

    Certificated Employee contact 866-376-2307



    For those Employees with Voya Life Insurance (Employer Paid and/or Supplemental):


    Please contact your assigned Benefits Rep if you interested in continuing on the plan.



    For all other personal annuity and/or life insurance accounts for which payroll deductions are made, you will need to find out next steps from Payroll and also reach out to those companies directly to find out what is needed to either continue to pay or terminate accounts.



    Meeting with your Benefits Rep


    You will not automatically be enrolled onto retiree benefits. You must meet with a Benefits Rep to discuss retiree plans and deadlines. Your Benefits Rep will discuss the following:


    • Medicare Eligibility and Timelines
    • Retiree Health Benefit Plans offered and Rates
    • Covering Dependents
    • Retiree Benefit Enrollment Forms
    • COBRA Benefits vs. Retiree Benefits





    IF you leave the District without enrolling onto benefits, you cannot come back to enroll at a later time.


    IF you decide to use an outside insurance provider for medical and only take OUSD dental and/or vision, you cannot come back to enroll onto our medical plans at a later time.


    IF you are 65+ and do not have your Medicare in place at the time of retirement and you wish to remain on OUSD benefits, you will need to enroll onto the Early Retiree plan to bridge the gap until your Medicare becomes active. At which time, you will need to bring proof of eligibility to OUSD the month BEFORE your requested effective date to enroll onto a Medicare advantage plan.


    IF you enroll onto the OUSD Retiree Health Plans, you are eligible to keep them until you decide to terminate (not withstanding any other issues with eligibility and/or premium payments)


    IF you enroll onto OUSD Retiree Health Plans, please DISREGARD the COBRA notice you will receive. COBRA notices are sent to ALL Employees who separate from the District. COBRA, while slightly cheaper, is only for 18 months for most. Please see a Benefits Rep if you require more information.



    Benefits Contact Information



    Please send questions to: talent@ousd.org


    OUSD Talent Division Main Line 510-879-0202    Talent webpage


    Visit our Benefits webpage at www.ousd.org/Domain/3297 for more information on your health benefits and for more updates.