• Project Committee Mission

    The Project Committee’s mission will be to advise the District in developing and implementing a communications plan for the project.  A communications plan should be created for each major project at its outset. The communications plan should create opportunities for meaningful public input to the project design and construction process. 


    2018-19 Active Members of the McClymonds Facilities Oversight Committee

    Leah Jensen, Teacher Librarian and Pathway Coach

    Edger Hendrix, Parent, SSC Member

    Pernell Bailey, Parent

    Tiffany Merriweather, Parent

    Toni Hooks, Parent
    Annette Miller, Neighbor
    Allie Whitehurst, School Design and Pathway Coach

    Janina Roberts, Merritt College Africana Center
    Kari Hatch, Friends of the Oakland Public School Libraries

    Cleveland McKinney, Assistant Principal
    Jarod Scott, Principal

    Amy Cheney, OUSD District Library Manager
    Jumoke Hinton Hodge, School Board Member
    Vanessa Sifuentes, OUSD Executive Director, High Schools
    John Howell, Sr. Construction Manager

    JaQuan Cornish, Project Engineer

    Liz Sullivan, OUSD Director of Community Engagement