• What types of community feedback are we collecting?

    Over the past four months OUSD has collected feedback in a number of ways from community stakeholders. The OUSD leadership team will be reviwing a range of different types of feedback in order to inform the specific budget recommendations it brings to the Board of Education. None are perfect, but each lends important perspectives and additional information from our stakeholders.


    • Students:  The All City council produced a report call Student Voice on OUSD Budget which outlines priorities from high school youth. They are currently sharing a youth survey.



    • Community On-line Survey:  The Community online survey was taken by over 3300 people. This brief survey was  at high-level trade offs (rather than specific proposals). Click here for a folder with looks at the data from from various stakholder groups. We recieved some feedback on the survey and made adjustments as we could. Click here for more background and resources.  We will be adding more data regularly.



    How will the feedback be used?

    Each source has and will continue to be used by our leadership team to develop the the specific recommendations that we will present to the Board in January. To be clear, the feedback will be considered by district leadership, but it is not a vote on specific cuts. We have to look at the overall picture and then apply the feedback to the specific issues at hand. And, we have already been able to develop key themes that will help inform our specific proposals in January.