Current Issues

  • This page focuses on the 2019-20 budget as well as the following two years.

    OUSD joined 62 urban school districts across the country to send this letter to national leaders advocating for more federal support the impact of current health crisis.


    OUSD continues along in its budget development process and must adopt its budget by the end of June, 2020.    


    March 4:  Final 2020-21 Budget Solutions for the General Fund (unofficial version). Last night the Board of Education passed this resolution including important changes to OUSD's budget.


    Below please find:

    • Resources for the 2020-21 Budget Prioritization Process
    • Community Survey Links
    • An overall timeline with resources
    • Connecting with Kyla superintendent messages related to the buget

2020-21 Budget Process Resources

  • Budget FAQs: These Frequently Asked Questions are updated frequently.


    March 4:   Final 2020-21 Budget Solutions for the General Fund (unofficial version).

    March 4:  

    • Board Memorandum and Resolution:  The memo outlines key elements of the set of recommendations. The resolution lays out key details of the proposed plan moving forward.
    • Additional Public Information:  The Additional Public Information document provides a host of background information  as has been requested throughout the process (e.g., Summary of stakeholder input, How OUSD’s site budget allocations compare to other districts, site-based adjustments).

Fiscal Vitality Timeline and Resources

Connecting with Kyla on the Budget

  • Connecting with Kyla messages from the Superintendent are a great way to stay up-to-date on a variety of issues. Here are links to messages related to the budget and fiscal vitality.

    Kyla Johnson Trammell



      • "In my last updates about the budget and labor negotiations, I heard a lot of feedback asking for more information about both topics. We will be as transparent as possible as we face these difficult challenges. I asked staff to develop the following FAQs to shed more light on key issues and provide additional context."



      • "At last week’s Board meeting I provided an update on our budget development process. As I shared, we have the opportunity to set our priorities, reimagine our district, improve our schools, and continue to increase graduation rates. To be real, we are also faced with the challenge of doing so in a state that underfunds public education and in a district faced with flat revenues and rising expenses."




    For more Connecting with Kyla messages related to the budget and fiscal vitality, please visit