What does it mean to “host” or donate a party?

    Pre-auction responsibilities of the host(s)

    • Sets the details of the party - the date, number of attendees, activity, cost
    • If desired, identify co-costs for your party to help share the work and/or costs of throwing



    Post-auction responsibilities of the host(s)

    • Cover the costs of the party - food, art supplies, registration/venue fees, whatever is needed to throw party
    • Send save the date to the list of attendees within two weeks of the auction.  (guest list will be provided after the Auction)
    • Send an invitation closer to the date of the actual party/event to confirm attendees, provide any additional details (i.e. exact location, time, etc)


    How do people hear about my party?

    The details of each party will be included in the online auction catalog published ~end of October, so everyone can preview what they are interested in signing up for, check their calendars, and be ready to sign-up at the auction event.


    How do people signup to attend my party?

    At the auction evening on November 3rd there will be sign-up sheets for each donated party.  The sign-up sheet will include the name of the party, date, and host(s) name(s), and the number of spots that you indicate are available.  The interested person puts their name and bidder number on the sheet and gets charged that evening. Their contribution goes directly to RHS PTA.


  • Parties can be just kids, just adults, or both. The possibilities are endless!  For a form or more info, email Jen Schneider jen.jenschneider@gmail.com