Increasing Special Education Funding

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    8/17/2018 - DEAD - Failed Deadline pursuant to Rule 61(b)(15). (Last location was S. APPR. SUSPENSE FILE on 7/2/2018)


    OUSD Board Position: Support



    All schools in California, include Oakland USD, grapple with increasing mandated special education expenditures and decreasing state and federal funding. The costs of serving and educating our neediest students continues to exceed state and federal Special Education funding. And research finds that providing additional support at the beginning of a child’s life is critically important for success later in school.

    We need to ensure adequate resources are available to meet the needs of students with disabilities while maintaining and improving our educational programs for all students. Therefore Oakland USD urges the Governor and Legislature to improve funding to support students with exceptional needs.


    AB 3136 (O’Donnell) would provide critical support to California’s students with special needs by establishing state support for special education preschool services, providing funding to equalize long-standing special education funding inequities, and provide support for students requiring higher cost services.