• On-site

    There are two programs that operate after-school on the Emerson campus.
    • Umoja Village Afterschool Program is headed by Ms. Verna Springer.
    Umoja Village will serves 1st through 5th grades.
    The Umoja Village program is for children needing full-time after care. It is free of charge, not based on income, and funded outside the OUSD system. It provides support for working families from the end of the school day (minimum days 1:15pm, normal school day 2:45pm) until 6pm.
    The grade levels are split into a variety of activities, including in-depth tutorials for students needing help, homework assistance, supervised play, structured sports training, gardening and more. Incoming students can sign up for Umoja Village the first week of school.

    To apply to Umoja Village: there will be tours and sign ups the first week of school.
    • The Early Childhood Education Child Development Center (CDC) provides needs-based aftercare. More information on that system is available on the OUSD website linked here