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    Oakland Unified Grows Our Own: Teach & Lead in Oakland  

    We are thrilled to support several teacher pathway programs that emphasize the importance of creating opportunities for local, diverse teachers. We believe in diversifying our teacher workforce and valuing staff and community members who work in after school and classified positions for their experience and expertise. We believe Growing Our Own requires dedication to three key pillars: 1) Pathway development & navigational accecss, 2) Supporting the Development of Critical Pedagogy; and 3) Community & Social Emotional Support. 

    Interested in learning more about pathways in OUSD? Please fill out this interest form and sign up for an information session. 

    • Oakland Teacher Residency 

      • The Oakland Teacher Residency is a one-year paid immersive experience to apprentice with an excellent mentor teacher, while earning a credential to teach Science, Math, or Special Education. If you would like more information, please email recruitment@ousd.org

    • Local Solutions for Special Education 

      • In an effort to recruit and retain highly qualified Special Education teachers, we are providing career development support to build pathways from novice Special Education teacher to strong teacher leader within Special Education.
    • Classified to Teacher Program 

      • This program supports OUSD staff in classified positions who wish to earn a credential. For more information, email our Retention team here: retention@ousd.org 

    • After School to Teacher Pipeline

      • This program supports our staff in After School programs who are invested in becoming a teacher. For more information, email retention@ousd.org.

    • Maestr@s Program through the Office of Latino Student Achievement

      • This program supports the development of educators of Latino/a/x heritage who wish to pursue a teaching credential. For more information, please email Raquel Jimenez, Director of Latino Student Achievement here: raquel.jimenez@ousd.org 

    • Newcomer Residency Program at Oakland International High School 

      • This program supports the development of educators with a specific emphasis on cultivating talent for Oakland newcomer programs. For more information, please email Sailaja Suresh, Director of Oakland International High School Lab Programs here: sailaja.suresh@ousd.org 

    Each of these programs supports candidates with tuition and teacher test support, along with creating a community of practice for our emerging teachers. Together, we thank our funders who have generously contributed to the creation of pipeline programs that support our cultivation of local talent.