State Relief Package for OUSD



    Many of you contacted your legislative representatives to let them know OUSD needs temporary relief from the State in order to avoid having to make draconian budget reductions that will hurt Oakland students. The legislators have heard your voices loud and clear and they are carrying on the fight on our behalf.


    *This Call to Action has now concluded.



    Senator Nancy Skinner


    Assembly Member Rob Bonta


    Assembly Member Tony Thurmond



    What to Say:

    I SUPPORT the state relief package offered by Assembly Member Burke. As our legislative representative, I am asking you for your help in securing state relief.


    • Loan Payment Deferral: Please help OUSD obtain temporary relief from using $6 million to repay the District’s State loan so it can be used to preserve critical, core educational programs and services for Oakland students. We are not asking for loan forgiveness; instead we are asking for a short-term reprieve from the debt while our District leadership develops sound budget strategies to meet all of our obligations, including repaying our State loan, while preserving quality teaching and learning.


    • Surplus Property: OUSD is currently evaluating ways to optimize the District’s schools. Being able to use proceeds from the sale or lease of our capital assets will allow OUSD to neutralize the loan payment deferral and/or retire the State loan.


    • ADA Safe Harbor: As a result of an increase in the number of students enrolling in charter schools, OUSD has experienced a significant decline in Average Daily Attendance (ADA) since the State takeover. This ADA decline has negatively impacted our State funding. We continue to see a steady flow of students enrolling in charter schools. A “hold harmless” provision for OUSD ADA will enable OUSD to make strategic rather than draconian budget choices as we aim to “right size” District operations for the students we serve.


    • Accountability: I SUPPORT enhanced fiscal and academic accountability measures as part of a temporary State relief package. I think it makes sense for the State to hold OUSD accountable for meeting fiscal and academic benchmarks.