Greetings Wonderful Volunteers!


    Thank you for your interest and support of school libraries!


    We are always looking for volunteers to support our library staff. At this time, we are looking for people interested in supporting staff on site with some basics, such as shelving, checkin/checkout, support with programming and for assistance at the District level with projects that benefit all of the libraries in the District. Be sure to create an E-Alert, above, if you want to be notified each time this page is updated. 



    Steps to volunteer: 

    1. Contact Amy Cheney, District Library Manager to talk about your interest, opportunities, and next steps.

    2. Once it has been determined that you want to go through the clearance process to work in libraries, please contact the Ed Fund, who will provide the steps necessary. 

    3. Once you are cleared, the Ed Fund will let the District Library Manager know, who will provide training opportunities and a match for your interest and skills at a school site. 

    4. Ask to be put on the mailing list for group activites. 


    For more information, see: 

    Guidelines for Community Partner Organizations & Volunteers 

    Collaborative Role of Volunteers 

    Library Roles and Responsibilities


    Please see this document for our work party dates.

    Contact the District Library Manager to make sure dates and activities are accurate. Please make sure we know you are coming so that we can prepare and also notify you if things change. 


    We have several long time community partners who have helped our libraries to become what they are today and continue to contribute in significant ways. Thank you to: 

    Faith Network


    Temple Sinai: People of the Book


    Documents and information that can support your volunteering activites:  

    Latest research on the value of school libraries:  School Libraries Work! 


  • This documents should be utlized only after consulting with the District Library Manager, to be sure they are up to date. Thank you! 


    Inventory process for volunteers inventoring unstaffed libraries