Congratulations to our 2017-18 Classified Employees of the Year!

  • Ms Douglass with Board Director Hinton Hodge



















    Alisa Douglas
    Office and Technical

    Alisa Douglas, Administrative Assistant at Skyline High School, is commended and recognized for producing the highest quality work coupled with remarkable follow through. She is well-known for her expertise in supporting families and students, as well as her fellow staff members. Since Ms. Douglas is most families’ first introduction to Skyline, she sets the tone for their school experience by providing excellent customer service.


    She sets a high bar for professionalism, leading by example and reminding everyone of their highest calling: to be of assistance to the entire school community and send people on their way feeling happy and well-served. Ms. Douglas is celebrated as the “heartbeat of the HQ Building” and is admired by staff, faculty, and students alike. Her colleagues say that her ability to work seamlessly with campus stakeholders sets her apart from her peers and that she seeks neither fame nor recognition. According to her co-workers, however, the time has come to recognize her vast array of talents. Congratulations Ms. Douglas!


     Ms Lee and Roland Broach


















    Siu-Yu (Ann) Lee
    Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities

    Siu-Yu (Ann) Lee, Custodian at International Community School, is commended and recognized for having a tremendous commitment to her entire school community which includes two schools and a Child Development Center. This means that she has not one, but two principals depending on her. Ms. Lee is known for going to great lengths to guarantee that the campus is extremely clean for the many community events hosted at the schools. She arrives early to do her work every morning and does so with a big smile and a happy attitude.


    Ms. Lee is known for warmly greeting all the students, families, and staff members, extending kindness to her fellow staff members beyond the school site, and always asking about others and remembering significant events in in their lives. Co-workers say Ms. Lee has an incredible work ethic and steps in to carry not only her own workload but that of the Head Custodian when necessary. She makes the campus appearance her personal responsibility so others never have to worry. Congratulations Ms. Lee!


    Ms Li with Jennifer LeBarre



















    Yu Zhen Li
    Child Nutrition


    Yu Zhen Li, Food Services Assistant at Carl B. Munck Elementary School, is commended and recognized for creating a warm and welcoming environment and always being available to students. She’s quick to assist them in the lunch line and coach them to eat healthfully, all with the utmost patience and kindness. Naturally, Ms. Lee is beloved and respected by Munck students and her colleagues alike.


    She is well prepared every day and highly conscientious in all aspects of her work, including: ensuring a spotless kitchen, maintaining inventory, completing paperwork on time and managing the cafeteria by herself. Ms. Li is known by her colleagues as a total team player who is truly excited and passionate about her work. Congratulations Ms. Li!

  • Ms Rougeau with Kim Raney



















    Tiwonnia Rougeau


    Tiwonnia Rougeau, Transportation Specialist for Special Education (Programs for Exceptional Children) at Cole Transportation, is commended and recognized for the extraordinary ways she manages operations as well as the deep ways she connects with Special Education students. She has been known to exceed all expectations in her attempts to connect with students, whether supporting young adult students in their activities, or riding along with students in need of assistance on the buses.


    Her abilities to quickly assess operations and to identify ways to make everything run more smoothly are unparalleled. Ms. Rougeau has singlehandedly transferred manual processes to online, including transportation requests, filing of complaints and has recreated the Transportation Handbook, making work life easier for all. Most importantly, however, she routinely reaches out to school principals and contractors to make sure all students are receiving quality service and care, and she supports families with their children’s transportation needs with grace. Congratulations Ms. Rougeau!


    Ms Wilson



















    Kaprice Wilson
    School Security and Support


    Kaprice Wilson, Student Attendance Compliance Officer at Skyline High School, is commended and recognized for her ability to gain unwavering trust while supporting students that struggle both academically and with the traditional high school model. She is known for working wonders with young people who have found limited success in the past. As an effective communicator, she is a liaison between students, parents, teachers and administration, always bringing a highly respectful and professional presence.


    Ms. Wilson is a leader who creates the conditions for all students to grow, recognizing that it’s her job to support students to become independent adults. Affectionately called the “Family Whisperer”, Ms. Wilson can always locate a hard-to-reach parent and is very often the “go-to” person for students in need. She frequently attends student extracurricular activities and goes on home visits or wherever students are in need of support in the community. Ms. Wilson also assists teachers with their daily collaboration and attends meetings to discuss student interventions. Congratulations Ms. Wilson!





    John Stefenhagen
    Para-Educator and Instructional Assistance


    John Stefenhagen, Instructional Support Specialist at Emerson Elementary School, is commended and recognized for his willingness and expert ability to successfully take on every responsibility with enthusiasm and a high level of skill. Once given a kernel of an idea for a task, he can then quickly implement it to meet and usually exceed the needs of the students.


    The multi-talented Mr. Stefenhagen has assisted in most special education classes and is well-known and adored by parents, staff, and students. His dedication shines through whether in the classroom, on the yard supervising recess, or in the pod leading a small group music lesson. Co-workers say his students will excitedly call out, “It’s Mr. John!” when he enters the classroom. Known for being uplifting, never negative and in the habit of only offering solutions, “he makes coming to work easy for everybody”. Congratulations Mr. Stefenhagen!