• Preliminary 2018-19 School Budgets


    The budget worksheets below represent the preliminary allocations to schools for 2018-19.  It includes the Unrestricted General Fund resources provided to schools for them to better plan spending for the 2018-19.  The budgets are based on the same allocation formulas as adopted in 2017-18 budgets and are therefore based on restoring allocaton levels to those prior to Mid-Year adjustments in 2017-18.  However, if a school is projected to enroll fewer students than this year, you may see a reduction in allocation per the established staffing allocation formula.


    These worksheets do not include allocations of additional staffing that may be provided by central departments for use at schools.  We expect the initial allocations of these additional resources by mid-April.


    As is true every year, all budgets are preliminary until the Board adopts a 2018-19 Budget in June 2018.