• In addition to reaching the OUSD community, we strive for broader awareness through the media. OUSD Sanctuary work is demonstrating leadership for school districts both locally and nationally and has been highlighted by the following media outlets for proactive, robust support of immigrant students and families. 

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    EdSource, March, 2018: Teachers Rally Around Undocumented Students


    "In Oakland, Calif., the district has a task force, hosting monthly workshops and film screenings to foster discussion about immigration. Roughly half the district's students speak a language other than English at home and schools there have had an influx of students from Central America, China, and Yemen.


    The district, with input from students and community members, drafted a list of do's—do create routines for students to discuss and react to current events while keeping the focus on learning—and don'ts—don't force participation or allow adult emotions to supersede student needs.

    The goal is "finding ways that are not just about fear-based response, but offer opportunities for understanding the beauty of diversity and how that enriches our community," said Nicole Knight, the executive director of Oakland's office of English-language learner and multilingual achievement."