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    The foundation for serving ELL students is English Language Development (ELD) using Integrated and Designated ELD.


    ELLMA helps OUSD to develop curriculum and professional development materials based on the California English Language Development Standards and the California ELA/ELD Framework which provides guidance for for implementation of the Common Core State Standards and the CA ELD Standards. 


    Integrated ELD is the practice of developing academic language in all subject areas in order to provide students access to the core academic program. Designated ELD is a protected time each day for instruction tailored for each student’s language proficiency level. English Language Learners need both in order to progress and reach the goal of reclassification within their first six years in U.S. schools. 


    Learn more about Integrated and Designated ELD in Chapter Two of the ELA/ELD Framework and specific requirements for ELD in OUSD Elementary Schools.  


    Read on for how to use ELD strategies in your classroom.

How do I bring Integrated ELD to my core program?

  • Integrate language into core content with the research-based high impact practices. In OUSD, the Big Three practices for developing student literacy are Reading Complex Text, Academic Discussion and Evidence-Based WritingBy incorporating “The Big 3” and aligned language practices, students engage in grade-level content while developing academic language.


    We believe that educators can increase student literacy by supporting students in these three domains as part of their daily instructional practice. The ELA and History Handbook details high impact language strategies for ELL students using this framework.

    • Content Language Objectives (CLOs) articulate the academic language functions and skills students need to master to fully participate in the lesson and meet the grade-level content standards. See our CLO screencast and guides for Elementary and Secondary


    CLO example: 3rd grade, Matter and Energy

    Write Content Objective (task) Write Language Objective (Academic language needed)  Write Content Language Objective
    I can explain why or why not scissors are solar powered during a whole group academic discussion and in writing...

    ...using helpful vocabulary for energy changes from our previous lesson, for example:

    When ____, the ____converts to ____.

    chemical energy

    motion energy

    light energy

    I can explain why or why not scissors are solar powered during a whole group academic discussion and in writing using helpful vocabulary for energy changes from our previous lesson, for example:

    When ____, the ____converts to ____.

    chemical energy

    motion energy

    light energy

What Designated ELD material should I use?

What high leverage ELL strategies are recommended?

  • The high leverage strategies for ELLs are grounded in the Big 3:  



    • Academic Discussion: explicit teaching of discussion skills while ensuring equity of voice through language supports and structured talk protocols. Academic discussions increase engagement, deepen content understanding, and develop students' language skills. 


    • Using Complex Text to develop complex language ie. close reading, language play (Unpacking Juicy sentences, text reconstruction)


    Check out our collection of classroom strategies below. These can be used across all subjects and grade levels to engage English Learners, as well as other students, in grade-level content. 



    Language of the Text Types

    The Teaching and Learning Cycle Overview

Asset-Based Cards

  • Asset based cards


    Inspired by Berkeley Unified's Equity Cards, these are themed strategies for leveraging the strength of ELLs and ALLs (Academic Language Learners). Click on the image to download! If you'd like a printed set, please email nicole.knight@ousd.org and specify the quantity.

Classroom Strategy Reference Sheets


    ELLMA partners with school sites to provide core PD opportunities. Register for our summer 2019 offerings at bit.ly/ELLMAsummer2019:


    elementary pd

    Secondary PD    

    Newcomer Foundations


  •  vignettes



    The vignettes provide examples of instruction at each grade level.

  • toolkit

    A straightforward guide to developing academic language for all students in all content areas.

  • Big 3 graphic

    Learn about the BIG 3: high impact language and literacy strategies for all learners.

  • Ellma video library


    Check out our collection: these videos demonstrate best ELL teaching practices.

  • reclassification

  • Timeline

    Overview of ELL Milestones: how to support students month by month

Report Card Translations

  • Download a Kindergarten - 5th grade report card translation in the following languages: 







    For middle and high school, families should ask front office staff to change their Correspondence Language in order to receive a translated report card.