• Classified to Teacher Program 

    In Fall 2017, Oakland Unified was awarded a program grant from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to develop a pathway for classified staff to earn a Bachelor's Degree and/or teaching credential. We were awarded funding to support 40 classified staff annually. Each year, there are rolling openings based on program completion for current staff enrolled. We encourage you to apply if you are interested in teaching a hard-to-staff subject: Special Education, Science, Math, Bilingual Multiple Subjects, or Spanish. 


    How does it work? Each year participants are enrolled, they receive test licensure support, including tutoring and test fees, participate in quarterly meetings with the cohort, receive employment counseling from Talent-HR representatives, and they receive tuition support of up to $3,500 annually. 


    What is my commitment? For each year that you participate in the program, you commit to teaching in Oakland Unified for one year. 


    What are the requirements of the program? You must be employed as a classified staff member in Oakland Unified, have at least 60 undergraduate college units, aim to teach in a hard to staff subject area, commit to teaching in OUSD for each year of support, and have a minimum 2.75 GPA (if you are missing this, please include a statement to help us understand how you will change habits/practices as a student when you return to school, and why your GPA was low). 


    How do I apply? Please complete the application and statement of purpose here, along with asking two references to complete the following form (choose one from your direct supervisor/school administrator). 

    C2T Application

    C2T Reference Check Form

    You will also need your unofficial transcripts from any college/university you attended, as well as an updated resume. 

    To submit your application, please email retention@ousd.org OR call Mary Jo Schneider at 510-301-7933 to make other arrangements. 


    Questions? Email retention@ousd.org




    What is the C2T program?

    The C2T program supports current OUSD Classified employees with a minimum of 60 units, or an AA, to pursue a teaching credential. We provide partial tuition support, test prep support, reimbursement of test fees and mentorship from an OUSD teacher leader. The program is up to 5 years in length depending on the status of the candidate at the start of the program and remaining grant funding. Candidates are required to teach one year in OUSD for each year they receive financial assistance in the program. Space is limited to 40 participants annually from 2017-18 through 2021-22.

    Why was the C2T program created?

    C2T is funded through a CTC (CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing) grant to address the teacher shortage and to increase teacher retention across districts in California. The program targets applicants with prior experience in a classified position who show promise of becoming a strong classroom teacher. We believe in the value and experience of OUSD's Classified Staff and support the development of Oakland's teaching community.  


    How do I apply to the C2T program?

    Complete an electronic application

      1. Submit transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (see below). 

      2. Have 2-3 references submit a recommendation form. At least one must be from a supervisor, and both must support your potential as a classroom teacher. 

      3. Due to COVID, please submit your application electronically by emailing your application, resume, and transcripts to retention@ousd.org or call M.J. Schneider 510-301-7933 if you need to make other arrangements. 

    Contact information:

    For questions about the program, please email retention@ousd.org