• ELL Master Plan

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    The ELL Master Plan is a timeless reference document for all stakeholders in the District, especially site leaders and teachers. The guidance it provides is based on phased implementation over the next three years.


  • In 2016-17, we focused on building awareness of the ELL Master Plan and developing foundational practices such as strengthening reclassification processes and building Designated and/or Integrated ELD practices.


    The ELLMA team oriented all ELL Ambassadors, Executive Principals, Network Superintendents, Common Core Teacher Leaders and many stakeholders throughout the District to the ELL Master Plan.


    In 2017-18 we will continue to support school sites in following the phased implementation guidance in order to see shifts in school practice.


    Our goals include:

    • Build and strengthen Integrated and Designated English for ELLs at all schools.
    • Specific attention to the needs of English Language Learners in the development of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSAs).
    • Support Instructional leadership teams in doing a bi-annual ELL data review.
  • OUSD's ELL Master Plan provides guidance and direction for all staff to ensure that consistent, coherent services are provided to every ELL in OUSD. Schools are expected to gradually implement practices named in the ELL Master Plan by 2020.


    The Master Plan both outlines our legal obligation for ELLs and lays out a new vision of instructional programs for ELLs. It goes beyond requirements to provide a framework of powerful practices for ELL instruction and services.


    Download the ELL Master Plan in Spanish

Creation of the ELL Master Plan

  • This policy document is the fruit of years of work, thinking and feedback from hundreds of stakeholders including leaders from the state, county, District, school sites and classrooms. It is enriched by collaboration with researchers across the country and the Office of Civil Rights.


    Adopted by the Board of Education on November 30, 2016.