About the Facilities Planning and Management Department

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    The primary goal of the Facilities Planning and Management Department is to improve the quality of Oakland schools and school facilities to prepare students for college and jobs, to upgrade science labs, classrooms, computers and technology, improve student safety and security, repair bathrooms, electrical systems, plumbing and sewer lines, improve energy efficiency and earthquake safety as well as modernization, new construction, improvements, upgrades, and replacement projects. In addition, our maintenance and custodial teams provide a clean and safe environment that is conducive to learning for our students.


    The Facilities Planning and Management Department oversees the capital improvement program, funded by bond measures that include Measure B at $65 million and Measure J at $475 million. We work with an Independent Citizen Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) overseeing the voter approved bonds. 


    The Facilities Division manages over 100 buildings and 680 portables, totaling 5,841,891 square feet. We are responsible for the maintenance of playgrounds, gardens, and athletic fields and courts. On average, our maintenance operations address and respond to over 20,000 work orders per year.


    We are currently undergoing a strategic planning process called Blueprint for Quality Schools. Please consider joining us in this process and help us plan the environment we want to build for our kids. 

    Building a Positive Learning Environment!