• Food Waste Program
    The Facilities and Management Department is working to reduce our food waste. With the many schools at OUSD, it's important to develop a coordinate approach to reduce food waste.
    A Food Share Program

    Food Share Basket

    Our food share first started informally at a few schools. Now we have it set up officially districtwide that includes signage, bins and procedures that have been developed with StopWaste, our county waste authority and our County Environmental Health Deparment. Our kitchen staff pulls and reserves all our fruit and shelf stable food. 

    Working with Our Partners

    County Partnership

    We have developed a strong relationship with our county environmental health department. This department team has been extremely engaged and open to discussing how we can capture as much food as possible to reserve and donate.

    Through our partnership with our Environmental Health Dept and StopWaste, we have developed a procedure guide that all our kitchens have been trained on. For more information, please refer to our overview on school food share tables.


    Food Donation Program

    Food for Community Partners

    With the excess food that comes from normal kitchen leftovers, excess from unknown field trips, anything close to expiration date, and items left on food share tables, we have been developing our food donation program.

    We have several distribution methods: Food for Families, Food for Community Partners, and our newest program, Food for Students.

    • Food for Families is run by a school parent team and offers our surplus food to students families.
    • Food for the Community includes different nonprofits coming and picking up excess food from school and distributing it to members their organization serves.
    • Food for Students is where the surplus food is sent to the main office or health clinic to then be available to students if they are needing food during the school day.

    We are also starting a collection system with our refrigerated trucks to collect a larger volume that will serve our families and non-profits.