Girls Leadership Groups

    African American Female excellence will launch Girls Leadership Groups at the following school sites:

    • Martin Luther King Jr.
    • West Oakland Middle School
    • Frick Impact Academy


    Providing Support for McClymonds Girls' Groups

    McClymonds holds several success programs for girls and young women. Our partnership will be designed to enhance and add to the achievement of this school's leadership.


    Think Tank for African American Female Success

    The AAFE Think Tank will gather together leaders and practitioners who are facilitating girls and young women teams and groups to share best and promising practices, offer support, and align our work.


    Curriculum Design Team (CDT)

    AAFE has launched a Curriculum Design Team which focuses on creating classroom- and program-based curriculum to enhance and uplift academic achievement, promotes intellectual curiosity and engagement for African American girls in the Oakland Unified School District. The primary charge of the team is to create and support a curriculum that addresses achievement through a lens of culturally relevant pedagogy and rigor, and is centered through the lens of African American historical trajectory, with an eye towards the experiences of African American girls and women.

    For information please contact Nzingha S. Dugas at sonya.dugas@ousd.org


    Program Development Team

    AAFE’s Program Development Team will design, develop and facilitate culturally and academically relevant programming, events and activities. As a member of the Program Development Team, your charge will be to advance and increase the achievement of African American girls in OUSD by repairing, restoring, revitalizing and reconstructing the educational success strategies of African American girls through programs, events and activities that underscore social-emotional learning tied to achievement. If you are interested in applying, click here!


    For more information or questions, please contact Tanara Haynes at Tanara.Haynes@ousd.org.


    Collaborative Advisory Leadership Team
    AAFE is preparing to launch a high level collaborative advisory team whose primary goal will be advocacy and philanthropy to ensure community awareness around the unique needs, concerns, and issues of African American girls. Additionally, the team will work to find and secure resources dedicated to improving the livelihood and experiences of African American girls and women by creating pathways to advancement.

    For more information or questions, please contact Nzingha S. Dugas at Sonya.Dugas@ousd.org.


  • African American Female Excellence
    West Oakland Middle School
    991 14th Street
    Oakland, CA 94607
    Phone: 510.879.8726


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