• ELL Snapshot & Progress Monitoring

The English Learner Snapshot

  • The English Learner Snapshot is a summary of the reclassification criteria each student has or has not met. Teachers use the to ELL snapshot to help students and parents understand where they stand in their English development, and what they need to do to get reclassified. This tool provides space for students, families and educators to set academic goals and plan next steps.


    Ask teachers about your child's progress towards reclassification:

    • Can we meet to make a plan using my child's ELL Snapshot?
    • What is my child's English proficiency level?
    • Is my child making progress in reading and writing?
    • Has my child taken the tests for reclassification?
    • What support is the school providing to support my child's language proficiency?
    • What can I do at home to support my child to progress?

OUSD Fluency Dashboard

  • fluency dashboard


    OUSD staff and the community have access to information on OUSD's ELL students including Reclassification Rates and Fluency Subgroups at OUSDdata.org. Click on the image to explore

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