What is the OUSD Office of Equity?
    In 2016, OUSD launched The Office of Equity to focus on improving the system wide culture, conditions, and competencies necessary to advance equity for children and families situated furthest from opportunity.

    The Office of Equity is focused on developing initiatives that address systemic inequity that is associated with race, gender, and class; and directly supporting improved outcomes for groups of students that have historically been underserved by our school system including African American, Latino and Asian Pacific Islander students.


    What does equity mean?
    At OUSD, equity means providing each student with the academic, social, and emotional supports they need to prepare for college, career, and community success.
    What does the department do?

    The newly expanded Office of Equity energizes, inspires, and empowers staff at all levels of the district as well as students, parents, and community to join in interrupting inequity, examining biases, and creating inclusive and just conditions for all.

    The Office of Equity will:

    • eliminate the correlation between social or cultural factors to the probability of our students’ success.
    • interrupt and eliminate inequitable practices and biases in the pursuit of creating just conditions for all students.


    Who leads the work in the Office of Equity?

    Raquel Jimenez, Executive Director of Equity
    Jerome Gourdine, Director of Targeted Strategies
    Sara Nuño-Villa, Family & Community Empowerment
    Lailan Sandra Huen, Antiracist Learning Coordinator

    Jamal Muhammad, African American Male Achievement Program Manager
    Kevin Jennings, African American Male Achievement Program Manager
    Iminah Ahmad, African American Female Excellence Specialist Adrieanna Williams, African American Female Excellence Specialist
    John Lauti, Asian Pacific Islander Student Achievement Program Manager
    Eve Delfin, Latino/a Student Achievement Program Manager Marisa Villegas, Latino/a Student Achievement Program Manager


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    Phone: 510.879.2938
    Website: www.ousd.org/equity



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