JUNE 6, 2017


    Meeting was called to order by Ben Visnick 6:30 pm.


    Discussion regarding Elections of new officers for the 2017/2018 school year.

    New Board was elected:

    President - Percy Foster

    Secretary - David Byrd

    Treasurer – Arianna Caplan

    1st VP – Communications – Ayana Matthews

    2nd VP – Communication – Pamela Trawick

    3rd VP – Programs – Ruben Rodriguez

    4th VP – Fundraising – Charlene Johnson

    Historian – JP Casanova


    Discussion regarding Membership

    Group discussed ideas on how to get more parents involved in the PTSA and to join the PTSA. Action item the membership form would be updated and parents and students will have a PTSA table at all three days of registration to promote the PTSA.


    Discussion regarding Communication

    It was determined that the PTSA would set up an email group and at Registration would have a table for parents to sign up for PTSA email.


    Discussion regarding PTSA Board and General Meetings

    Lots of discussion on days and times and what would work best to have good turnout at meetings. Group voted to hold Board meeting on the second Tuesday of every month from 5:30 – 6:30 with the General Membership meeting following at 6:30.

    Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:45pm.


    Submitted by Pamela Trawick

Last Modified on September 20, 2017