• Tender Loving Care (TLC) Day - This late summer weekend event invites famlies to come spruce up the school and prepare for the new school year.


    Registration & JM Expo Event - The Saturday prior to the first day of school families are asked to come to school and turn in all necessary OUSD/school registration paperwork. This is also a great opportunity to determine their student's classroom assignment, learn about volunteeer opportunities and reunite with school friends. 


    Back to School Night - Parents are strongly encouraged to visit their student's classroom for this important evening. Teachers present their plans for the school year including curriculum, classroom management styles, field trip plans and volunteer needs.


    Family Reading Night - In early fall, famliies are invited to come to school for this reading celebration. The event includes no-charge dinner, a storytelling presentation and free book giveaways. This event is organized by the PTA-funded Library staff.


    World Culture Festival - This Language League-sponsored celebration of food, dance, music and art takes place on a fall weekend.


    Halloween Parade - Parents are invited to come to school during the lunch hour and watch as students parade around the yard in their Halloween costumes.


    PTA Auction & Gala - As the largest fundraiser of the year, all parents are asked to support and attend this event on the first Saturday in November.