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    Our mission is to dramatically improve academic and life outcomes for Latina and Latino students in Oakland. We address historical trauma and institutional, interpersonal, and internalized oppression to activate personal and community journeys of healing, empowerment and self determination. Together, with students, families, elders, staff, and community, we interrupt and eliminate inequitable practices and examine our own biases. Together, we support Latinostudents to discover and cultivate their own unique gifts, talents, and interests to contribute towards a thriving Oakland and global community.


    Eve Delfin 
    Latino Student Achievement Targeted Specialist

    Frick Impact Academy
    2845 64th Ave. 
    Oakland, CA 94605







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    Latino Student Achievement is a targeted initiative of the OUSD's Office of Equity.
    Visit www.ousd.org/equity to learn more about the Office of Equity and other targeted initiatives.