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  • 09.17.19 Moving Towards A Brighter Future

    Last week was an important one for the OUSD community. I want to share some vital news as we continue to move from crisis towards stability and create a high quality, sustainable public school system.

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  • 09.06.19 Building on our Strengths

    When I was a student in OUSD, educational quality was not equitable. Many of my friends did not get what they needed from the system. While we’ve made many improvements in the years since, there are still students who are not getting what they deserve. This must change.

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  • 08.11.19 This is What We Do

    The beauty of our District is that our students represent all backgrounds and ethnicities. We stand ready to welcome them all tomorrow on the first day of school. For me, the “Back to School’ season is one of hope and renewal. Our resilient staff rises to the occasion every year. Floors are waxed. Lesson plans are revamped. Meals are prepared. But most importantly, our educators are ready to greet all students with open arms.

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  • 08.08.19 My Thoughts on the Recent Bad News in Our Nation

    With mass shootings - some of which targeted people because of their race, ethnicity, or perceived immigration status - and mass raids by ICE on people just earning a living for their families, I sometimes don’t even want to turn on the TV. Fortunately, we haven’t yet had such activity here in Oakland. I hope it stays that way.

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