• OUSD students


    • Increase Equity Consciousness through common language and strategies
    • Develop Equity Strategy (3-year road map)
    • Learn about targeted groups and share best practices that can inform system-wide improvements
    • Lead intentional, equity-focused cross-collaboration projects (Networks, Central Office redesign, schools, etc.)
    • Fundraise for sustainability and growth

    After several years of work with individual schools at more than 24 school sites, the Office of Equity has begun an intentional shift that will forge the path towards greater efficacy and deeper support for school communities using a regional approach: Network Community Improvement Science. Utilizing tests of change from BELE Network partner tools, we have documented initiatives with successful impact data and also identified areas within our own system that need increased impact data.


    Research on our work has revealed positive measurable change in areas including culturally responsive pedagogy, classroom leadership, community engagement, strong curriculum, and academic supports. We are confident this learning can be used to catalyze deeper investment in a small group of schools within one regional focus.

    West Oakland Middle School
    991 14th Street
    Oakland, CA 94607

    Phone: 510.879.2938
    Website: www.ousd.org/equity



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