Use of Student Images/Schoolwork Opt Out Form

  • This is an optional form.


    Please download, sign and return to the school office by August 31 only if you wish to withhold permission.

    Oakland Unified School District often includes images of students engaged in school activities and events
    as part of outreach and information about our programs for parents, family, and the wider community.
    Community partners and qualified individuals or groups such as parent-teacher organizations value
    these images as compelling ways to share and urge support for the work of our teachers and students
    and they are also needed for use in certain school publications such as yearbooks, playbills, recognition
    lists/honor rolls, graduation programs or sports activities.

    During the school year, your student may be photographed or filmed by District staff while participating
    in school programs and activities. We would like to have the opportunity to use these images on the
    District or community partner websites and/or in related publications.

    We will make every effort to honor your request, however, please be aware that there may be
    circumstances where your child may be photographed or filmed beyond our control.