Teaching about Drugs


    We are also available to support students with their senior capstone projects, internship activities, media content, and conducting circle process discussions on the topics of drug education, holistic health, and race, law, and politics, and cultural expression.

     Contact us if you would like to schedule a presentation or discuss how our work could integrate and support your classroom syllabus and pathway goals. 


    Designing Lesson Plans 

    We have included some resources and tools below for designing and facilitating drug education lesson plans and activities. 

    • We have over 25 pre-made TUPE presentations available in English and Spanish on topics ranging from Marijuana, Vaping, Alcohol, Addiction, Holistic health practices, Mindfulness, and Strengths-based Coaching for behavior change. Presentations have been curated with the needs of OUSD students, teachers, and parents in mind.  Feel free to browse through the library. Below are some of our favorites. 

    Click on the resources below for more information:

     vaping  MPSA  marijuana and the brain  mt  ecigs  problem behaviors  parent workshop   brain and addiciton  

    TUPE Curriculum

    Explore our Pre-made TUPE drug education lessons and classroom activities to engage students in learning about drugs and developing life skills. For students in grades 6-12 


    Educational Videos

    Short and engaging videos exploring drug effects, the teenage brain, trauma, addiction, environmental risk factors, and more. Our sample discussion questions are applicable to all videos and will encourage students to reflect back on what they learn. 



    Test student knowledge on how drugs and alcohol affect young people’s brains and bodies with Kahoot Games. 

    Username: Socratesmo



    Classroom Resources on Drug Effects

    Lessons, activities, and drug facts to educate teens about the effects and consequences of drug use.


    Peer Education

    TUPE coaches are trained in facilitating youth development activities and developing youth as Peer Educators and presenters for faculty, staff, and parents. If there are individual teachers that want to run their own Peer Education program, we are happy to support that. We have found that students trained as peer educators are one of the greatest resources we have as a community for addressing issues related to drug use.   peer ed

    • TUPE curriculum: we have created a youth development/social change peer education curriculum that will empower you and your youth to be successful partners in bringing positive change in their community with integrity and authenticity. With this curriculum, adults will actively engage high school and middle school students in developing an understanding of tobacco harms and consequences, how big tobacco targets youth to get new users, current policies (environmental prevention) and what they can do to make healthy changes in their community

    peer ed

    2019 Bret Harte Middle School Peer Educators

    Evidence-based tobacco and drug prevention curriculum (CDE & OUSD Board approved)



    Skill Building Drug & Violence Prevention Lessons

    st Stanford Tobacco Prevention Tool Kit


    Project Alert: 6th-8th grade