MARCH 18, 2013

    by Arthur Lockett, Music Teacher

                 Burckhalter kicked off the Oakland School District’s Elementary Music Festival which goes on for a full week, hosted by various schools throughout Oakland. This year the festival is from March 18th thru March 22nd. Elementary schools team up and have their students perform for each other and parents. Music students come together and enjoy the different aspects of music programs in Oakland schools. Performing and seeing others perform inspires music students to continue their new craft. After performing, students seem to have an uplifting spirit and a sense of accomplishment. They just feel good about themselves.

                This year’s music festival at Burckhalter involved music students from Burckhalter, Howard and Parker elementary schools. Parker brought a large group of over seventy students all eager to perform. They included students in the kindergarten, third, fourth, and fifth grades. The students walked up the steep hills to get to Burckhalter. The walk was about 45 minutes and the students enjoyed the walk. The kindergarten students were able to climb the hills without any complaints. The students were escorted up the hill by a police car with two officers. 

                All students from all three schools did a great job of performing. Parker students, feeling good about the festival, traveled back down the hill (where the walk was a lot easier) and back to their home school. Note:  I noticed that my instrumental students at Burckhalter and Parker wanted to take their instruments home to practice more for the Spring Break!