• State Trustee


    OUSD was administered by the California Department of Education for six years, beginning in 2003 when severe financial difficulties forced the District into state receivership in exchange for a sizable state loan.


    In July of 2008, after making great strides in operational and financial health, OUSD began operating with two governing boards responsible for policy—the state Department of Education and the locally elected Oakland Board of Education.


    The State Trustee, Christopher Learned, currently represents the state’s financial interest in OUSD. The Trustee does not play a role in day-to-day operations of the District, but maintains veto authority over financial decisions that might imperil the stability of the OUSD.


    OUSD is required to host a State Trustee until the full amount of the loan is repaid (expected payoff date is in 2026), or until the California Department of Education determines it is no longer necessary. For more information, contact Christopher Learned at christopher.learned@ousd.org.