• "Honoring Our Own" Employee Recognition Ceremony
  • Employees selected for Honoring Our Own work to the highest standard and embody the following attributes:

    • Hold students at the center of all their work
    • Value and represent the diversity of the Oakland community
    • Hold a strong commitment to social justice
    • Never stop seeking equitable outcomes for Oakland's children
    • Believe we share responsibility to ensure the success of our children and community

  • Celebrating Oakland's Educators
    On May 10, 2016, Oakland Unified School District recognized 42 remarkable individuals and two school teams during the 7th Annual Honoring Our Own Employee Recognition Ceremony.
    Each year, the Honoring Our Own Employee Recognition Ceremony celebrates the excellent accomplishments that our dedicated employees have achieved during the school year.
    These employees have inspired others to dream big and achieve goals while serving as role models for the entire Oakland community.