For Principals


    Please let us know how we can assist you at your site in developing or maintaining your school library. 


    We support Library Techs,  Masters of Library and Information Science Librarians and Teacher- Librarians in staffing school libraries in alignment with CA State Standards. 


    Sites that don’t receive Measure G Library funding but that have or anticipate having paid qualified staff receive these supports from Central office as time permits:


    1. Assistance with interviewing, hiring and evaluating 
    2. Training and support of staff  
    3. Initial walk through and assessment support 
    4. Collaborative Library Meeting times 2x a Month. At these meetings site paid staff can learn, network, access resources, develop standards in your libraries in alignment with state and national best practices, create vision documents to assist in sharing their vision with administrators, funders and community
    5. New books for libraries with paid staff. 
    6. Databases and Library Catalog
    7. Giveaway books for families and for special occasions
    8. Support in accessing or “piggy backing” on authors or library programming
    9. Support with State and National standards and best practices for paid staff
    10. Support with District processes to improve your library (for paid staff)
    11. Remove fines from student records  

    Documents and information that may assist you: 

    District Documents 

    Classroom Libraries and School Libraries

    Collection Development Policy 

    Library Guidance for Principals: Supervision, Hiring, Expectations for Library Staff

    Library Framework 

    Library Roles and Classifications - Volunteers to Teacher - Librarians 

    Library Supply List 

    Recommended Book Vendors

    Weeding Policy 


    Best Practices 


    American Association of School Librarians Standards   

    Shelving books in your library: American Association of School Librarians



    School Libraries Work! Research supporting the effectiveness of school libraries 

    Something to Shout About: School Library Journal Article Reveals First Evidence of Impact of School Librarian Losses (And Gains) on Students (starts on page 20) documents the fact that inferior gains or losses on reading scores directly relates to states in which schools cut librarian positions. In addition, these findings “held - and were more dramatic -- across subgroups including race/ethnicity, poverty and English language learner status.”