Fundraising Activitites


    1. Print the REQUEST FOR FUNDRAISING ACTIVITY to the left by clicking the link just below it.
    2. Fill the form in completely.
    3. Attach contact information and price quotes from the vendor if you will be working with a vendor for the fundraiser.
    4. Form must be signed by the "Student Representative" (your club president or team captain)
    5. Form must be signed by the "ASB Club Advisor" (the teacher or coach)
    6. Return it to the Activities Director (Mr. Anderson)
    7. Wait for approval from the Activities Director and the Principal!
    8. The Activities Director will notify the Club Advisor when the fundraiser has been approved or will let the Club Advisor know that it has not been approved and why.
    9. Your club or team may begin the fundraiser ONLY AFTER  receiving approval. [IF you do not receive approval from the Activities Director and Principal your fundraiser may be shut down and/or your vendors may not be paid from your club/team account leaving you personally liable for your fundraising expenses.]
    10. All systems go! Go Titans!