Measure G Library Funding

  • A portion of Measure G Parcel Tax goes to libraries. We are striving for quality over quantity in our funding in order to create model libraries that will provide a roadmap for best practices in OUSD, where libraries have been closed or operating with minimal, para-professional staffing for over 10 years. For the last 2 years, with centralized funding, we have made great strides and measurable improvements in the professionalization of library staff, our collections and library programming at key sites in the areas of the most need with the highest number of students. These models provide roadmaps and standards for the rest of the District to follow and expand upon. Please see more information in the links below. 


    Sites that don’t receive Measure G Library funding but have paid, qualified staffing at the site level receive these supports from Central office as time permits:


    1. Collaborative Library Meeting times 2x a Month. At these meetings site staff learn, network, access resources, develop standards in OUSD libraries connected to state and national best practices, create vision documents to assist in sharing their vision with funders, administrators and community
    2. New books with the latest copyright dates
    3. Databases and Library Catalog
    4. Giveaway books for families and for special occasions
    5. Support in accessing or “piggy backing” on authors or library programming
    6. Assistance with interviewing, hiring and evaluating 
    7. Training and support 
    8. Initial walk through and assessment support


    For more information please see :

     2016-17 Measure G Library Report

    Measure G Strategy Shift for 2017-18

    2017-18 Measure G Library Funding Recommendation

    Close of 2017-18 Measure G Library Report 

    Measure G Library Funding Priority Areas for 2018-19

    Status Update of 2018-19 Measure G Library 


    And keep up to date, here: 

    Measure G Parcel Tax meetings: 3rd Monday of the month