Freadom Card - OPL, OUSD Library Card and OUSD Student ID


    The Freadom Card is a regular Oakland Public Library (OPL) card on your child's school badge.  One side is the school badge, and the other side is the OPL card. If your child already has an OPL library card and receives this card, the card will become their new library card.


    For school years 2017-18, the card is available as a pilot at Bridges and Crocker Highlands.


    UPDATE ON PILOT! 6641 items have been checked out on Freadom Cards.  843 of these from Crocker Highlands (since April, 2018), and 5798 from Bridges (since April 2017).


    For 2018-2019 school year our goal is 20-30 school sites will be added. 


    As part of the pilot, youth 18 and under will not be charged overdue fines


    Your child's library card allows them full access to all library print and online materials. Review OPLs borrowing policies 


    It’s important that your child keeps their contact information up to date.  Notices of holds or overdue items will be sent to email, or phone if there is no email on file. Contact information can be updated using the barcode and PIN number by clicking Manage My Account, or by calling any library location


    For information on our resources, see:

    Online Research and Learning

    eBooks and Other Digital Content 

    OPL Kids

    OPL Teens

    Powerpoint with instructions  (also see powerpoint(s) to the right) 


    Q. My child already has a library card. How is this different?

    A: OUSD and OPL entered this partnership to ensure that all Oakland students have access to free library materials. Eventually, our goal is that the Freadom card will be issued automatically to every student enrolled in OUSD. If your child already has an OPL card, the Freadom Card will be their new card. 


    Q: What happens if my child loses their  Card?

    A: Your child may get a free replacement  card through the teacher librarian at their school.  They can also receive a free regular replacement card (without the student ID) for at any Oakland Public Library.


    Q: What happens if my child borrows books or other materials and loses or forget to return them?

    A: There are no overdue or late fees for youth during this pilot period.  If your child doesn’t return an item 60 days after it is due, they will receive a bill to replace it.  If you have the item and can return it then, you won’t owe anything.  If the bill is difficult, please talk to any Oakland Public Library staff and we will ensure that your child can continue to use the library. 


    Q. How did the library receive my child’s information?  Can the school see my child’s library record? 

    A: OPL receives minimal data from OUSD about your child in order to create this card (name, birthdate, address, phone, school, and school ID), through a signed agreement between OUSD and the City of Oakland. This information is not disclosed to any other entity.  

    OUSD does not have access to your child’s library record. Your child’s library record is fully confidential, by state law, as are all OPL library card records.  You can review OPL's privacy policy 


    If you have further questions about the card, contact Laura Liang for Elementary, or Sharon McKellar for Secondary.  


    Oakland Public Library Website/FREADOM Card.