• Evaluation Reports




    An annual evaluation assesses the ways in which school-based after school programs promote positive outcomes in youth. Our evaluations are guided by the Theory of Action, which holds that students who regularly attend high quality after school programs will gain skills and experience that lead to academic and future success.


    In accordance with the Theory of Action, the annual report presents how often children and youth attend school-based after school programs, the quality of programs, and the direct outcomes and benefits to participating children and youth, as well as students’ academic outcomes in the context of their program participation.

    Data sources for annual evaluations include youth surveys, site visits, program attendance records and youth demographic records from Cityspan, and District academic data.


    Yearly reports can be found below:


    2018-19 Reports:



    2017-18 Report 

    2016-17 Report

    2015-16 Report


    2014-15 Report


    2013-14 Report


    2012-13 Report


    2011-12 Report