Special Education - Staff Directory

Jennifer Blake Executive Director, Special Education jennifer.blake@ousd.org 510-879-8094
Angelica Lopez Administrative Assistant III, Bilingual angelica.lopez@ousd.org 510-879-8027
Kimberly Saechao Administrative Assistant kimberly.saechao@ousd.org 510-879-8365
Eden Temelso Administrative Assistant eden.temelso@ousd.org 510-879-8670
Alina Chow Financial Operations Analyst alina.chow@ousd.org 510-879-8366
Peggy Forbes Compliance TSA peggy.forbes@ousd.org 510-879-8090
Raul Nunez MIS/Data, SEIS raul.nunez@ousd.org 510-879-8394
Rena Moore Transportation (for families) rena.moore@ousd.org 510-879-8180
Tiwonnia Rougeau (Tee) Transportation Specialist tiwonnia.rougeau@ousd.org 510-879-8181
Fax 2nd Floor 510-451-4364
Cary Kaufman Coordinator, Elementary Network 4 cary.kaufman@ousd.org 510-879-4668
Alli Guilfoil Coordinator, Elementary Networks 2 & 3 allison.guilfoil@ousd.org 510-879-8260
Aruna Sokol Instructional Coach aruna.sokol@ousd.org 510-879-8030
Bonnie Levin Instructional Coach bonnie.levin@ousd.org 510-879-8436
James (Jake) Hall Instructional Coach james.hall@ousd.org 510-879-8655
Micaela Reinstein Instructional Coach micaela.reinstein@ousd.org 510-879-8117
Kristen Hynes Instructional Coach kristen.hynes@ousd.org
Neku Pogue Coordinator, High School neku.pogue@ousd.org 510-879-8688
Tori Partridge Instructional Coach Tori.Partridge@ousd.org 510-879-8096
Samuel Offenberg Instructional Coach samuel.offenberg@ousd.org 510-879-8673
May Chaltiel Instructional Coach may.chaltiel@ousd.org 510-879-8416
Tracey Tashiro Instructional Coach tracey.tashiro@ousd.org 510-879-8337
Stephanie Jemilo Instructional Coach Stephanie.Jemilo@ousd.org 510-879-8105
Kristen Murakoshi Instructional Coach Kristen.Murakoshi@ousd.org 510-879-8437
Amy Arroyo Case Manager, NPS Team amy.arroyo@ousd.org 510-879-8395
Kamila Flores Case Manager, NPS Team kamila.flores@ousd.org 510-879-8414
Hazel Foster Case Manager, NPS Team hazel.foster@ousd.org 510-879-8391
James Pierce Case Manager, NPS Team james.pierceii@ousd.org 510-879-8215
Stacey Lindsay Coordinator, Psychological Services/Mental Health stacey.lindsay@ousd.org 510-879-8665
Vikie Gilbert Administrative Assistant vikiel.gilbert@ousd.org 510-879-8382
Kelly Lo Clinical Supervisor, CESDC kelly.lo@ousd.org 510-879-8384
Katie McManus Social Worker katie.mcmanus@ousd.org 510-879-8433
Anne Zarnowiecki Coordinator, Related Services anne.zarnowiecki@ousd.org 510-879-8037
Margaret Bray PT margaret.bray@ousd.org 510-879-8586
Pam Lellis PT pamela.lellis@ousd.org 510-879-8565
Aundrea Roberts OT aundrea.roberts@ousd.org 510-879-8327
Patricia Medina OT patricia.medina@ousd.org 510-879-8647
Nicolette Danielsen OT nicolette.danielsen@ousd.org 510-879-8646
Carolyn Emrich OT carolyn.emrich@ousd.org 510-879-8626
Phoebe Nguyen OT phoebe.nguyen@ousd.org 510-879-8620
Danielle Otlin (on Leave) OT danielle.posey@ousd.org 510-879-8570
Michelle Reiker OT Mitch.reiker@ousd.org 510-879-8570
Wynne Sarran OT wynne.sarran@ousd.org 510-879-8607
Michaelynn Woodrow OT michaelynn.woodrow@ousd.org 510-879-8593
Margaret O'Reilley OT margaret.oreilly@ousd.org 510-879-8607
Jordan Song OT jordan.song@ousd.org 510-879-8607
Antonia Gulley Adapted PE antonio.gulley@ousd.org 510-879-8182
Markus Douglas Adapted PE markus.douglas@ousd.org 510-879-8205
Amarah Mehar Adapted PE amarah.mehar@ousd.org 510-879-8208
Phyllis Mitchell Adapted PE phyllis.mitchell@ousd.org 510-879-8208
Kaitlin Anderson Assistive Technology kaitlin.anderson@ousd.org 510-879-8175
Stacy Springer Assistive Technology stacy.springer@ousd.org 510-879-8175
Jenna Williams Assistive Technology jenna.williams@ousd.org 510-879-8175
Sasha Wertheim Assistive Technology sasha.wertheim@ousd.org 510-879-8175
Chantal Guite Assistive Technology chantal.guite@ousd.org 510-879-8175
Elizabeth "Libby" Faltis Assistive Technology elizabeth.faltis@ousd.org 510-879-8175
Kristin Rossman Assistive Technology kristin.rossman@ousd.org 510-879-8175
Rebecca DelBono Deaf/HOH-Low Incidence rebecca.delbono@ousd.org 510-879-8337
Lisa Sully Deaf/HOH-Low Incidence lisa.sully@ousd.org 510-879-8337
Winny Chan O & M-Low Incidence winny.chan@ousd.org 510-879-8337
Lisa Gessow O & M-Low Incidence lisa.gessow@ousd.org 510-879-8337
Dorit Resnikoff VI-Low Incidence jodi.sinclair@ousd.org 510-879-8337
Leah Mitsuyoshi VI-Low Incidence leah.mitsuyoshi@ousd.org 510-879-8337
Michele Moore VI-Low Incidence michele.moore@ousd.org 510-879-8337
Sarah Panian Speech Therapist sarah.panian@ousd.org 510-879-8517
Gayle Buckles Home and Hospital Program Manager gayle.buckles@ousd.org 510-597-4294
Joanna Miller Hospital Teacher-Oakland Children's Hospital joanna.miller@ousd.org 510-428-3236
Dennis Nelson Home/Hospital Teacher dennis.nelson@ousd.org 510-879-8260
Beverly Robinson Home/Hospital Teacher beverly.robinson@ousd.org 510-879-8292
Richard Friedman Home/Hospital Teacher richard.friedman@ousd.org 510-879-8004
David Cammarata Coordinator, Young Adult Program and Career/Transition Services david.cammarata@ousd.org 510-879-8124
Virginia Bonham YAP Teacher virginia.bonham@ousd.org 510-879-8165
Cale Davis YAP Teacher cale.davis@ousd.org 510-879-8126
Jennifer Matsuoka YAP Teacher jennifer.matsuoka@ousd.org 510-879-8128
Adam Packer YAP Teacher adam.packer@ousd.org 510-879-8146
Zachary Alexander YAP Teacher zachary.alexander@ousd.org 510-879-8160
Kurtis Jenkins YAP Teacher juan.zuniga@ousd.org 510-879-8140
Pauline Nishi YAP Teacher pauline.nishi@ousd.org 510-879-8172
Jeffrey Parker YAP Teacher jeffrey.parker@ousd.org 510-879-8173
John "Jackie" Gillette YAP Teacher john.gillette@ousd.org
Aaron Sudduth YAP Teacher aaron.sudduth@ousd.org
Laurin Kennedy YAP Teacher laurin.kennedy@ousd.org 510-879-8474
Demarco Mixon YAP Teacher demarco.mixon@ousd.org
Minyon Corcuchia-Garde CTS Case Manager minyon.garde@ousd.org 510-879-1841
Stacy Daniels CTS Case Manager stacy.daniels@ousd.org 510-879-3629
Carmen Buenger CTS Case Manager carmen.buenger@ousd.org 510-879-1201
Melissa Foster CTS Case Manager melissa.foster@ousd.org 510-879-1924
Erika Mayorquin Community Relations Assistant II erika.mayorquin@ousd.org 510-879-3119
Burbank Pre-School/Diagnostic Center, 3550 64th Ave.
Theresa Lozach Site Administrator for Burbank Preschool and Diagnostic Center theresa.lozach@ousd.org 510-729-7771
Carrin Ayala Bilingual Clerk carrin.ayala@ousd.org 510-729-7771
Fax Burbank Pre-School 510-729-7772
Dana Welsh Diagnostic Manager dana.welsh@ousd.org 510-729-7762
Silvia Nuno Diagnostic Center-Community Services Worker silvia.nuno@ousd.org 510-729-7762
Fax Diagnostic Center 510-729-7767