Top 5 Reasons to Choose an OUSD Middle School

  • Oakland Unified’s thirteen 6-8 and three 6-12 Middle Schools are outstanding hubs for youth development with leaders, teachers and staff who strive to know every child well and support their academic success and personal development. We engage students with Joy and encourage their growth both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.



    Three Edna Brewer Students

    1. Safety in a Diverse and Inclusive Setting: OUSD middle schools mirror the diversity of our district where more than 50 native languages are spoken and half of our students speak a language other than English at home. In addition to being a Sanctuary District, our staff are trained in conflict resolution, mentorship and Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support in order to shift school culture from punitive to culturally responsive and positively reinforcing.



    2. Restorative Justice Program in Every Middle School: We use this set of practices to build community and teach students to respond to harm by using their social emotional skills. By building, maintaining and restoring relationships between members of the entire school community, we help to create an environment where all students thrive.



    Roosevelt Students in Computer Lab 3. Computer Science Classes in Every School: Our Computer Science and Technology curriculum is strengthened by partnerships with local tech companies which lead into career pathways at the high school level. Students get hands-on experience with tools for 21st century careers, from Chromebooks to laser cutters to 3D printers.


    4. Innovative Teaching Practices and Personalized Learning Meet Individual Needs: Recognizing that every student has a unique learning style, we partner with educators and organizations such as grant sponsor Next Generation Learning Challenges to implement blended and personalized learning initiatives such as Teach to One which has raised math scores using a blend of teacher-led instruction, student collaboration, virtual tutoring and interactive math software.


     Three Female Frick Middle School Students

    5. Terrific Clubs, Sports and Afterschool Programs at Every School: Extracurricular activities include everything from hip-hop dance to chess, club-level soccer to capoeira, homework support, tutoring, overnight camping trips and travel as far as Washington, DC!



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