• Nzingha S. Dugas, Program Manager


    Nzingha Dugas Nzingha S. Dugas is the program manager of African American Female Excellence (AAFE). She came to OUSD from the University of California at Berkeley where she served as one of the Directors in the Multicultural Student Development Offices in the area of African American Student Development (AASD). In her role as the AASD Director, Nzingha’s primary focus was student retention, engagement, and matriculation, supporting and ensuring African American success. In her leadership capacity, she served as an advisor to students, staff, faculty and the administration regarding the needs and concerns specifically of the Black student community and generally of the multicultural student community. Her areas entailed academic guidance and support, advising, advocacy, teaching, research and resource opportunities, multicultural student engagement, and general student affairs. In addition to her work at Berkeley, she brings over 10 years’ experience working in and partnering with OUSD, teaching courses and providing student development programming at several campuses.


    Tanara Haynes, Program Manager




    Tanara Haynes is an advocate and servant for youth and communities belonging to the African diaspora. At an early age, she recognized her passion for teaching, being in community, and giving voice to those who are often unheard.


    After receiving her undergraduate degree from Howard University in Journalism, Tanara went on to pursue a Masters in Pan African studies from Syracuse University. As a student, she continued to teach and build with the community by providing culturally relevant and educational events. During her time as a graduate student, Tanara also traveled to East Africa where she conducted research on the legitimacy of traditional healing, with a specific focus on the arts, to bring about holistic wellness and combat diseases.


    Today, she serves as a Program Manager for Oakland Unified School District’s African American Female Excellence initiative where she continues to further her learning and discovery as a lifelong student while providing services to America’s historically marginalized community as a devoted educator and advocate. 

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