• Iminah Laura Ahmad


     "Sistah Iminah"


     Program Manager

     Sistah Iminah


    Sistah Iminah is an Educator, Cultural Strategist, Singer/Songwriter, Dancer, Media Personality and Oakland native, with roots in Jamaica, Texas, Nigeria and the African world. A living example of redemption & radical transformation, Sistah Iminah's goal is to inspire the original greatness of Africa to rise again, through education, music and activism.

    Her life journey can best be themed rising “From Ghetto to Goddess”. As a youth, she overcame many trials that trap young Black women in the sex trafficking & school to prison pipeline. A product of Oakland’s African centered schools and OUSD, she has dedicated her life to help all rise FROM GHETTO 2 GODDESS. 


    As an  Educational activist, Sistah Iminah has been heavily influential in implementing key policies and initiatives aimed at improving life outcomes for students of color throughout the SF Bay Area. Her life's mission is to uplift the educational and life experience for African girls and women worldwide.


      • In 2016 she led the Valuing Girls Voices movement to introduce a new sexual harassment policy in the Oakland Unified School District, which was unanimously approved by the school board & implemented district-wide. 
      • In 2017 she partnered with OUSD to launch the 1st ever district wide initiative in the nation, focused on advancement of Black female students, the African American Female Excellence initiative (AAFE), serving as the lead consultant.  
      • In 2018 she co-created the 1st ever A-G approved African American Women's Heritage social studies course in the nation, in partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District & Stanford University. 
      • In 2019 she returned to Oakland to lead the African American Female Excellence Initiative of OUSD’s Office of Equity, as Program Manager, with the goal of improving the educational experiences and life outcomes for Black female students. 



    Frick Middle School
    2845 64th Avenue

    Music Building

    Oakland, CA 94605

    Phone: 510.879.8726


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