Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Tom Skjervheim

After spending the last 15 years working in and with public high schools, I’m very excited that the journey has led me to join the amazing team and community at Fremont High School. My experience as a teacher, teacher-coach, and professional developer in high schools across the country has prepared me for my role as co-principal in charge of instruction and school design. I am very grateful for the experience and wisdom Ms. Rivera brings in regard to school operations and culture and am already certain we will complement each other well as a leadership team.


I live in the Fremont community, and have wanted to be a part of this school for many years now. Truthfully, I was not looking at other jobs; I was that certain that this was the right place for me. Fremont has so many amazing teachers, students, families, and community partners that I have come to know over the last few years, and I am grateful to be working with and in service to all of them. Our senior capstone projects, and spring engagements with industry partners and universities are a few of the many recent examples of the great things happening here at Fremont High School.


Ms. Rivera and I are looking forward to building upon the good work already underway at Fremont in the coming school year. We hope to honor the hard work of the design team, Ms. Watson and the current administration, and all of the leadership our staff has taken on this past year. As we move into summer planning, we maintain a commitment to inclusive and transparent processes for school redesign and improvement efforts. We know enough to know we have incredible resources in our parents, staff, student, and partner stakeholders, and we know that in order for us to move forward we must move forward together.