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    Parent Leadership


    Parents Raising the B.A.R.


    Parents Raising the B.A.R. is a parent-focused training with two purposes. First, it is designed to build parents’ knowledge around three important topics that are critical to student success --positive behavior, attendance, and proficient reading. Along with a focus on learning the behavior, attendance and reading content, we also focus on building parent skills as a facilitators and workshop leaders. These are skills parents can use for a lifetime.


    Defining B.A.R.


    The term B.A.R. is shorthand for three keys areas necessary for student school success:   Behavior, Attendance, and Reading.  Research and experience tell us that if we can turn things around in these areas, then we can see greater student success. This leadership training program is designed to empower parents to address three big issues that are getting in the way of student success:

    • School culture and climate that contributes to self-destructive student behavior.
    • Chronic absences in the form of too much time out of school.
    • Low reading skills.


    Topics Covered

    1. Orientation
    2. Understanding School Data and the SPSA
    3. Academic Parent-Teacher Teams
    4. Building the Team: Power of Relationships
    5. Chronic Absence
    6. School Culture/Behavior
    7. Common Core and Reading
    8. Facilitation and Action Planning


    After the Training: Putting it into Action


    Our work does not end after the 8 week training series! We will hold regional meetings to support the development and implementation of our parent leaders’ Site Action Plans. This is critical to our success. We will use student data as well as surveys for all stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of our work. We will also invite interested parent leaders to support with planning and/or take up a facilitator role during the 4 district wide parent conferences we offer each year as well as other district or regional opportunities for leadership.


    For more information, visit our Family Engagement Toolkit.


    Room Parents


    Room parents work with the teacher to: organize classroom events, organize field trips, volunteer in the classroom, and help the teacher with projects at home.


    Parent Actions Teams


    A team of parents and teachers that engage in cycles of action and inquiry that use parent voice to identify school improvement areas and develop plans for implementing school improvements.


    School Governance


    The central purpose of school governance is to engage in shared leadership and decision-making for increased student achievement in college, career and community readiness. In order to realize this purpose, School Site Councils must engage in developing their Site Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), in a continuous improvement process using the established District tools.


    For more information, please visit our School Governance page.