• Our Learning Hub Schools...

    Learning Hub Schools

    ...Develop SEL leadership practices.


    Learning hub schools have an SEL point person and a leadership team prioritizing SEL. We meet regularly to ensure active engagement in SEL leadership practices, professional learning, and evidence-based programming.


    Learning hub schools work towards equity by creating a safe and welcoming environment for all, school-wide continuous improvement, and culturally responsive educational leadership practices. Principals of our schools model SEL, demonstrating the value of learning and practicing SEL competencies. They build positive relationships reflective of SEL competencies through the facilitation of staff and parent meetings and the design of school policies.


    ...Support SEL professional learning.


    Learning hub schools support formal and informal SEL professional learning. The school community understands SEL and how to develop SEL in classrooms and school-wide.


    Learning hub schools learn from people and resources within the school, the district, and the larger community. We welcome thought partners from across the district, creating a learning community that mutually enhances SEL theory and practice to the benefit of all. We have a commitment to partnering with Mills Teacher Scholars: working together to build reflective teacher inquiry practices that support both student and adult learning.


    ...Teach evidence-based SEL programming.


    Students at learning hub schools receive explicit SEL instruction through an evidence-based SEL program (Caring School Community; Expeditionary Learning; Engaging Schools). When implemented with integrity, all students become more academically successful, socially skillful, and better prepared for life.


    Learning hub schools also promote student voice and collaborative learning to enhance the integration of SEL and academics.


    ...Are supported by on-site SEL coaching & support.


    Learning hub schools receive intensive on-site support as we develop school-wide SEL leadership practices, professional learning, and student learning. This support is part of the SEL department's scalable long-term action plan as we leverage experience gained from this targeted, collaborative process into OUSD-wide change.


    Every year, we'll continue to build upon this approach, and by 2018-19, we hope to integrate this school-wide model across OUSD.

Last Modified on December 16, 2016